Image                     This website is for women who are looking for a closer  relationship with GOD. This website is dedicated to the  members so that there is a place we can share our        thoughts, feelings, pictures and the word of GOD. WELCOME! 

I would first like to thank GOD for his placing the idea of our coming together on ALL of our hearts, and I would like to personally thank Him for allowing me as well as all of us to step outside of ourselves to finally do what needs to be done concerning our uniting within the Church. If it had not been for Victory and the beautiful and wonderful women of that Church, I would not have the desire to do this. I can honestly say that Victory has been my foundation, my sanity when it seemed all was lost, and my place of refuge when my life got the best of me. There is no other place on this campus, in this town, that I find peace like I do at Victory Christian Assembly. Not only has VCA been a safe haven, but I have met MANY  beautifully made, strong willed, spiritually gifted and EXCELLENT WOMEN -whether they be leaders of the church, mothers of the church, or students just like me. I thank the Lord for their presence in my life, every last one of them. I thank you for the opening of our hearts, so that we may come together and weather each other through our storms. Lord, thank you for these women, and may GOD bless all of you like he has blessed me by placing you in my life. 


OK...now that the mushy stuff is out the way. Thank you for joining the ministry we are trying to uproot off the ground. We are having a EASTER DINNER! Sunday April 16, 2006 and we would like you all to be there! If the word is not out there..please place it out there so it can marinate and we can be sure to include all in this first chance to fellowship. The Dinner will take place in THE Basement of Shafer Hall starting at 4 p.m. SHARP...okay maybe not SHARP..but try to be there!

We encouage everyone to bring a dish! Please email me at kznl@iup.edu with what you plan to bring so we can keep track.. so far we have plastic ware, cookies, stuffing, and chicken...the number of rsvp'd guest is increasing so let me know what you can bring!

Check out the blog section, it has postings for upcoming events such as the Easter Dinner Sunday, April 16th

We are interested in starting a bible study, we know its late in the semester, but its never to late to start studying the word. We have no formal plan, but if you have any ideas let us know


I Love You All..and I'm ready to be Blessed by the Lord and I know you are too! Talk to ya soon



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